iOS and Android software development

Mobile phone has become a constant companion of the modern man, so the mobile application for your company can be another way to establish a long-term connection with the target audience, as well as a platform for advertising and promotion of various goods and services. Mobile applications can be used very effectively in the areas of business such as finance, media, shopping, HoReCa, social networks, investments and many others. We help your business run more efficiently, using advanced information technologies, and provide solutions that reflect the specifics of your business. Please contact us with your idea and we will offer worthy of its implementation!

Software development for Android and iOS

We develop applications for mobile platforms iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android. In our portfolio there are multimedia, entertainment, reference information, corporate applications, and much more. Experience in the development of mobile applications since 2005, and an understanding of the specific platform allow us to do our work efficiently and quickly. So, in 2014, our team participated in the Hackaphone and won the nomination Google DevArt. Since 2014, we are the partner of the largest regional IT-conference SECON, we have developed and now supporting the Android and iOS applications for the conference.

User interface design for mobile devices

User interfaces of mobile applications has its own specifics, and each platform has its own characteristics, its own guidelines for developing the user interface. We are developing a user interface application with all the requirements of the platform, so that the application looked organically in this operating system.

Mobile software publishing

It is not enough to develop an application, you should still talk about it to potential users. The most suitable method for site — to place the application in stores Apple AppStore and Google Play.

In addition to developing the application, we can place it in the store at the customer's account and make the necessary settings for in-app purchases, if any.

We can also place a free app on our own account, if you do not have one, and creating account for a single application is unprofitable (there is a fee for the registration and annual fees int the stores).

Our team


"SoftInvent" is a small, well-organized team who are keen common cause, the development of applications for smartphones and tablets. All our developers are the users of the platforms for which they are building applications — thanks to this we are always aware of the new trends in interface and technical solutions for the specific platform.

We are constantly working on expanding the competencies of team members and improving our development process, regularly participating in industry events and taking part in the life of the regional IT-community.

Methods of payment for our services

With each customer we sign an agreement, a standard method of payment — bank transfer to our bank account.

Check out our portfolio, and if you have a job for us, contact us any way you want!

Our clients - управление недвижимостью, эксплуатация объектов - производство технических средств охраны